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Why an NP Structure?

U.K. Manufactured from the brackets to the polythene.


Our hoops are between 22% & 75% thicker than some competitor models. - Our Galvanised Steel Hoops are 32mm as standard


Armourguard Coated Steel Framework – Galvanised to last a lifetime


Unique Polythene tensioning system - Allows the polythene to be tensioned or loosened as needed throughout the year


Lumisol Polythene - A British made, 7 layered polythene that has been specifically engineered for the British weather.


Tanalised Timber – 3x2 as standard, ready cut = No special skills and only limited sawing required.


We include all the fittings you'll need (including door frame brackets) Designed and made in-house in Colne, Lancashire.


Bespoke PVC 3-in-1 doors - We've designed and created PVC 3-in-1 doors. These doors allow full access, front and back along with Velcro panels that can be partially or fully opened to allow as much or as little ventilation as you need.

Learn more about the options available

Hoop Spacing - Read More

    If you live in an exposed area and windy area, we'd suggest a smaller hoop spacing as the smaller the gap, the stronger the tunnel will be.

    Our steel tubes are coated with Armourguard - our unique high endurance tube which offers up to 20 times the corrosion resistance of pre-galvanised steel tube thanks to its revolutionary combined zinc, aluminium and magnesium coating.

Traditional Foundation Tubes - Read More

    These can either be concreted or knocked in to the ground, leaving 35-45cm protruding for the hoops to fix upon.

    Concreting method: The recognised method when using traditional foundation tubes is to dig a hole (35cm square x 50cm deep) and set the foundation tubes in concrete. Considered to be one of the most secure methods and recommended in high wind areas for extra stability

    Driven in to the ground: Foundation tubes are simply knocked in the ground, leaving 35-45cm protruding. The trenched in Polythene gives extra hold to the structure

Crop bars - Read More

    Although often used to hold hanging baskets or to support lateral poles on which to tie up your tomatoes, peas etc, they are more often added to a polytunnel to give it extra strength.
    Even though we boast that our polytunnels are the strongest available, they will give extra peace of mind during severe, windy storms and also when heavy snow is expected. They increase the structural strength by at least 20%. These can be retrospectively fitted to existing polytunnels.

    polytunnel cover jacking

Polythene options - Read More

    Lumisol Clear

    lumison clear

    Lumisol Clear is a UV ’open’ polythene film, allowing UV light to reach your plants. This can have many benefits for both edible and ornamental crops, such as enhancing the fragrance, taste, colour, earlier harvesting and longer post-harvest shelf life. In addition, UV open films promote plant anti-oxidants which are good for plant health and encourage stronger plants.

    Due to its clarity, clear polythene allows around 2% more light to enter your polytunnel than with a diffused polythene cover. This extra light brings extra heat which can be a benefit during the early and late months of the growing season. Especially popular in northern and western regions where lower light levels naturally occur.

  • Light transmission: Up to 92%
  • Thickness: 720 gauge
  • Thermic effect: Over 80%
  • Diffusion: Less than 35%

  • Lumisol Diffused

    lumison diffused

    Light-diffusing polythene films scatter the light as it passes through the polythene. This enables the light to penetrate deep into the plant canopy, as it hits the plant from all directions, not just from the direction of the sun. This ‘diffused’ light reduces the higher foliage from shading the lower parts of the plant.

    Lumisol Diffused is a UV ’open’ polythene film, allowing UV light to reach your plants. This can have many benefits for both edible and ornamental crops. Thanks to its unique anti-condensation additive, Lumisol Diffused is able to control condensation on the underside of the film.

  • Light transmission: Up to 90%
  • Thickness: 720 gauge
  • Thermic effect: Over 80%
  • Diffusion: 90%

PVC Double Zip Vent Door - Read More

    PVC 3 in 1 door

    A double zipped door that allows easy access whilst also allowing measured ventilation with a Velcro panel

    A PVC 3in1 door that suits all weathers and gardeners. Made exclusively for Northern Polytunnels, this door comes with 2 heavy-duty zips for ease of access, a Velcroed panel that can be removed partially or entirely to allow as much or as little ventilation as required and two Velcro tabs that secure your door in place out of the way for those long hot summer days. To install, simply baton the PVC panel to a wooden door frame.

Door Frames - Read More

    The 2"x2" tanalised timber door frames are pre-cut to length and require only minimum sawing for installation

    On our Allotment range you have the option to remove the door frames, this is the perfect solution if you have access to your own wood supplies or you're looking at building a bespoke polytunnel

Staging Supports - Read More

    Our polytunnel staging kits are a low cost solution where a full length bench is required for your polytunnel. We ONLY provide the steel frame, leaving you to provide your own table-top. Some customers use heavy-duty, galvanised weldmesh, whereas others choose timber slats. Whatever your choice, our staging kits provide the ideal framework on which to grow your potted plants. Supplied with fasteners for fixing timber slats.

    Staging with Plants

    Staging with Plants

Irrigation - Read More

    Drip Line Irrigation Kit

    The ideal low-level watering systems which places the water where it is required, without wetting foliage/flowers or soaking the pathway. Supplied with all the necessary fittings, drippers and a hose connector. The kits are supplied with enough pipe and fittings for both sides of the polytunnel.

    Drip line irrigation

    Pot / Growbag Dripper Kit

    Ideal for grow bags. A micro dripper kit is an ideal solution for watering pots, containers, grow-bags etc, without watering the spaces between them. Each pot has a dedicated dripper fitted to a flexible 80cm (32”) micro tube. Larger containers may require 2 drippers, whereas grow-bags may require 3-4 drippers.

    Pot growbag dripper

    Overhead Irrigation Kit

    The Overhead Sprinkler Kit is fastened to the central ridge of your polytunnel with individual sprinklers suspended on 30cm drop tubes. The sprinklers imitate rainfall gently watering the whole area inside your polytunnel tunnel.

    Overhead irrigation kit

Ground Cover - Read More

    With less than 5% light transmission, ground cover is an effective weed control fabric. Manufactured from black polypropylene (100gm/m2) with 25cm x 25cm green grid lines for accurate plant spacing.

    Ground Cover

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